Real Swordsman Hours: Daily Stormer Gets Blamed for Sword Attack!

When I first heard of the white supremacist on real swordsman hours slicing down a black man on real plastic bottle collecting hours, I said to myself “this is what’s going to happen with the Mike Tyson of swords meets the Mike Tyson of plastic bottles; there’s bound to be bloodshed.”

Then the NY Daily News did an interview with the swordsmaster, and he said he reads Daily Stormer.

I was like yeah, okay, sure, some guy who has these beliefs is definitely going to be familiar with this site. You know, if there was a “STEROIDS SWORDSMAN,” and he did an interview saying he reads the forums, no one would think anything of it. Just because the forums encourage steroid use doesn’t mean they’re responsible for sword attacks.

And in fact, NYDN didn’t even make a thing of the fact that the killer – Jackson – read this site. They just mentioned that he mentioned it.

So then, with nothing to write and looking to slander, Sam Kestenbaum makes it a big story in the Jewish Daily Forward:

The white nationalist who fatally stabbed a black man in New York said he cultivated his worldview online, where he frequented websites like the “alt-right” neo-Nazi hub the Daily Stormer.

In a Sunday interview with the Daily News, 28-year-old white nationalist James Jackson said he hoped his killing of a black man would discourage interracial mixing and that he believed whites are under attack and forgotten in this country.

“The white race is being eroded,” Jackson said. “No one cares about you. The Chinese don’t care about you, the blacks don’t care about you.”

Jackson said his childhood home was liberal and Democratic. He graduated from a Quaker school in Baltimore. Jackson said he only shared his views with “like-minded people” online and mentioned the website Daily Stormer by name.

The Daily Stormer takes its name from the Nazi propaganda sheet Der Stürmer and is now considered by the Southern Poverty Law Center as the country’s “top hate site.”

Now, a whole bunch of other sites are reporting this in much more aggressive terms than Kestenbaum used. This is the tactic. He gives the signal by writing a feature piece about it, then a whole bunch of other Jewish sites do reports on it blaming us for the killing.

But people are waking up to these kike shenanigans.

The numbers of Americans associated with the Alt-Right is now well into the millions.

You’ve created a monster, Jews. Your behavior did this. It isn’t some random happening. 

So some guy getting pissed off and taking a sword to the plastic bottle man means absolutely nothing, it says absolutely nothing about us or our movement.

I’d rather this have not happened. I don’t really see that any point of value was proved by this slicing/dicing. This is why I so adamantly discourage violence. It’s bad propaganda.

That said, I’m not going to go out of my way to condemn this guy. Why should I? Black people are killing us “randomly” every single day – except it isn’t actually random, it is the exact same thing as here – these are attacks because of our race.

Check the Race War section on this site. Just browse it for a bit.

Or take a look at these – less than one percent of the black-on-white murder victims from just the last few years in this country. 

Look at those, then ask me again if I give a single molecule of a fuck about this plastic bottles nigger.

Have you ever seen a black condemn any one of the daily attacks on whites?

And hey – have you ever seen a single kike write an article like “BLACK KILLER OF WHITE LISTENED TO RAP MUSIC THAT TALKED ABOUT KILLING WHITES“?

How about Moslems – when they kill white people in the name of their religion, a religion with a holy book which explicitly tells them to kill non-Moslems (white people), we’re supposed to apologize to them.

Who is kidding who here?

We are being subjected to an endless ongoing massacre that the media doesn’t even bother to mention – the JEWISH CONTROLLED media covers it all up – then they want us to cry about one single black guy who eventually gets killed in revenge by an angry young man who felt he had no other choice?

Where is the non-stop media coverage for Brittanee Drexel, the 17-year-old white girl who was gang-raped, murdered and fed to alligators by niggers, you filthy, greasy, evil kikes? Where are the “terrorism” charges for these niggers? How stupid do you actually believe the goyim are? Do you really think you can keep going with this narrative indefinitely, without ending up with some very, very angry goyim on your hands?

No dice, Jews.

I don’t give a shit about some homeless drug-addicted nigger who got sliced and diced by an alleged reader of my website on some real swordsman hours.

Nor do I have anything to answer for.

It’s you Jews that need to start coming up with some answers.

And you’d better do it very quickly.